South Charlotte

Road project wraps up in June

An $11.3 million road project involving the widening of Steele Creek Road and realigning Shopton Road wraps up in June, according to Charlotte Department of Transportation officials.

"The project has been under construction since April 2010, and we are very excited to open it to traffic in June," project manager Ashton Watson with the Charlotte DOT said in an email about the improvements.

The city plans to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony June 24 when the road will open to traffic.

The project was designed to improve traffic congestion and safety for motor vehicles by widening Steele Creek Road, also known as N.C. 160, to a four-lane median divided roadway and smoothing out the curve.

The project, funded through the city's transportation bonds, also had an earlier phase, which involved realigning Shopton Road West further to the south and adding a traffic signal. That phase was completed in 2010.

"Shopton Road West is already open to traffic and has been for a while. That was phase one," said Watson.

The project also involved building a brand new thoroughfare called Dixie River Road, which will connect the Berewick area and other future land developments to Steele Creek Road.

The intersection of Dixie River Road and Steele Creek Road will have a traffic signal with steel poles and mast arms.

"We are also adding sidewalks and bicycle lanes for full multi-modal travel," Watson said.

The widening, realigning and removing of the sharp curve of Steele Creek Road, and the construction of the new thoroughfare of Dixie River Road, will open in June.