South Charlotte

Observer honors Seniors of the Year: Savjeet Brar


School: Charlotte Country Day School.

Class rank: No. 1 of 124.

College: University of Southern California.

Parents: Paul and Ravi Brar.

Savjeet's words: "(My family) goes to India every other year. I see the people there and the poverty. My parents have tried to keep us grounded. I'm so blessed here in the United States."

Superlative: Has done volunteer service in India.

Savjeet Brar knew when she was 2 years old that she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become a physician.

With her eye always on this goal, Savjeet set her mind to excelling in every aspect of her life.

The Charlotte Country Day senior will attend the University of Southern California in the fall to pursue a career in medicine.

"I am very honored, and I feel she has really made us proud," said Savjeet's father, Dr. Paul Brar. "She has done well her entire life."

Savjeet said she solidified her thoughts of becoming a doctor after taking a trip to India, where she volunteered in a rural hospital for the mentally and physically disabled. She distributed medications to patients.

Savjeet also volunteered in an orphanage in India, spending time reading to children.

When she got back to the United States, the senior held a book drive and collected about 300 books to send back to the Indian orphanage.

She also participated in the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland, where she shadowed scientists and surgeons. During her trip, she was authorized view four surgeries on cancer patients.

"It was amazing to see the surgeries and to scrub in and stand at the tables with the doctors," Savjeet said. "It opened my eyes and made me realize I wanted to be a doctor."

Savjeet also has participated in activities such as traditional Indian dancing, called Bharatanatyam. The dance recitals were fundraisers for area charities and hospitals.

Savjeet was on Country Day's field hockey team for four years.

In the Charlotte area, Savjeet has volunteered at Presbyterian Hemby Children's Hospital and the Allegro Foundation.

Her mother, Ravi Brar, and father said they have tried to give advice and instill the importance of being a caring doctor.

"To be a caring doctor is very different. If somebody doesn't have the money to be seen, you don't abandon those patients; they need to be cared for and you are a doctor," Ravi Brar said. Both parents said they are very proud of their daughter and know she will be successful.

As for Savjeet, her inspiration throughout her education has come from her parents.

"I want to thank my parents for putting up with me for all I have wanted to do and backing me in all that I do," she said. "Their upbringing of me will take me in the right direction, and I will be successful because of it."