South Charlotte

Matthews, Mint Hill lower tax rates

Matthews commissioners have voted to lower the town's property tax rate from 33.25 cents to 30.25 cents per hundred dollar valuation to offset the approximately 10 percent increase in property value due to the recent countywide revaluation.

The new tax rate will bring in about the same amount of money next year to help fund the town's $18,517,074 budget for 2011-2012.

Matthews communications director, Annette Privette Keller, said last week that the new budget anticipates a slight growth in the town's sales tax revenue.

"After talking to our peers across the state, we've built in a small increase in sales tax revenue. It appears, across the state, that everyone feels confident that there will be a slight increase in this funding source," said Privette Keller.

Matthew town manager Hazen Blodgett said even though next year's budget is tight, it manages to restore several items put on hold during the past few years, including a part-time code enforcement officer, replacing and purchasing public works items, equipment and volunteer incentives for fire and emergency services volunteers, technology upgrades, and vehicles and equipment for the Matthews Police Department.

Budget highlights include:

$1,257,846 for Matthews Fire & EMS.

$1,136,142 for Matthews Park and Recreation Department.

$6,016,774 for Matthews Police Department.

$5,147,922 for Matthews Public Works Department which includes solid waste and recycling services.

Mint Hill

Some Mint Hill residents will pay slightly less in property taxes.

Commissioners voted to lower the town tax rate one-half cent from 27.5 to 27 cents per $100 valuation beginning July 1 when the 2011-2012 budget goes into affect.

The lower rate comes in part because of the recent countywide revaluation. Overall, the town experienced only a slight average increase in property value, 3 percent, but Commissioners were able to lower the current rate because the 2011/2012 budget of $9,495,276 is about $75,000 lower than the current budget even with several new positions and a small cost of living increase for town employees.

Highlights of the 2011-2012 general fund budget include:

$2,970,203 for the Mint Hill Police Department including an additional school resource officer for Rocky River High School.

$1,312,368 including three additional positions for Mint Hill Fire & Rescue.

$460,000 for street resurfacing.

2 percent cost of living increase for town employees.