South Charlotte

I made a friend, found the perfect gift

What I love is meeting great people when I least expect it.

I had wanted this Father's Day to be extra special for my husband, Tony. It's important to do things like that once in awhile.

He's a golfer and several of his friends have their own golf carts. I knew he'd love to have one, too, but would never get it for himself. So a few months ago, I began researching golf carts for individual purchase.

Turns out, there was a lot to learn. Size, new or refurbished, plain, customized, options - many decisions for me to make.

After calling many places and speaking with several people, it was Andrew Nance, the operations manager at Paradise Golf Cars, who won my business. He was knowledgeable and articulate. Nance patiently went over every possible detail about selecting and purchasing a golf cart. He was extremely helpful.

I looked forward to meeting Nance in person. He didn't disappoint. Nance grew up in south Charlotte, the oldest of three boys. A graduate of South Mecklenburg High School, Nance is a Panther's fan, has raced Honda's and loves motorcycles.

He's always active. His sports resume includes swimming for MAC, playing basketball and baseball. Nance is 26 and newlywed. He and Emily (Herron) were married May 14.

"We went to Las Vegas on our honeymoon and had a great time. I won $1,500 off of $20 the first night," said Nance. "We were also extras on the television show, 'Pawn Stars,' and had our photos taken with the star, Rick Harrison."

Marriage has already encouraged some changing in Nance.

"My wife doesn't like me racing, so now I focus more on golf and target shooting," he said.

Nance said, "Emily and I like to hang out with friends and go to the beach."

He also is focusing on his career. He works six days a week and considers customer service an important part of his job.

My husband was thrilled with his Father's Day present and said, "This is a day I'll always remember."

Mission accomplished.