South Charlotte

Zoning changes approved

City Council recently approved several zoning petitions for south Charlotte and several more are scheduled for public hearings next month.

At their meeting last Monday, council members approved zoning changes for about nine acres at the intersection of Rea and Ardrey Kell roads from commercial center to neighborhood services district.

The change will allow the owner, Blakeney Heath Limited Partnership, to construct more than one building on the site and increase its square footage.

They also approved a petition for the Harris Teeter at Providence and Queens roads, which changed the zoning for 3.9 acres there from single-family residential and neighborhood business district to mixed-use development.

The zoning change, which was approved unanimously last week, will allow a portion of the Myers Park Shopping Center to be redeveloped.

"I just want to make the motion to approve this," said Councilwoman Patsy Kinsey at last week's meeting. "It's gonna be great."

City council is expected to hold public hearings on a couple of high profile zoning petitions on July 18:

Petition: 2011-041

Zoning Request: To change about 17.48 acres on the south side of Providence Road West between Community House and Old Ardrey Kell roads from mixed use district to institutional district.

Reason: To develop a senior living community with a maximum of 162 units

Public Hearing: July 18

Petitioner: Liberty Healthcare Properties of Mecklenburg County

Petition: 2011-044

Zoning Request: To change about 520 acres Ballantyne Corporate Park from single-family residential and business park district to office and business park district with a site plan amendment. The borders for this area are Interstate 485 to the north, Ballantyne Commons Parkway to the south, Rushmore Street to the west and North Community House Road to the east.

Reason: To allow additional development or redevelopment in Ballantyne Corporate Park

Public Hearing: July 18

Petitioner: The Bissell Companies, Inc.