South Charlotte

Youth has found way to help cancer patients

Two years ago Amber Davis donated eight inches of her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. She was a preschooler and her mom, Jan Davis, had suggested the idea.

Now, Amber is a rising first-grader at Stallings Elementary and understands the importance of helping others. Since donating her hair two years ago, Amber's hair has grown long again. The Davis family has watched numerous family members deal with cancer and the effects of chemotherapy during that time.

"Amber goes with me to take her Granny to treatment," Jan said. "And sees the patients coming in who have lost their hair."

Amber asked if her Granny could get her hair, but Jan explained that she hadn't lost her hair yet. Realizing that someone else could really use her hair, Amber vowed to donate her long tresses once again.

Maria Butler, owner of The Butler Did It hair salon in Stallings, cut Amber's hair for this recent donation. She explained that Pantene Beautiful Lengths accepts donations that are eight inches in length, two inches less than Locks of Love requirements.

"It was more meaningful for all of us this time," Jan said. So, Amber is growing her hair out again.

More info on requirements for donating hair can be found at and