South Charlotte

Matthews goes to bi-weekly recycling

If you're a Matthews resident, you will be receiving a green, 96-gallon, roll-out recycling cart this week if one hasn't arrived at your home.

Residents should continue to use their old recycling bins through the week of Aug. 1.

When recyclables are picked up that week, the old bins will be taken as well.

Beginning Aug. 8, residents should start rolling their new recycling carts to the curb for every other week pickup on the same day as their garbage collection. Garbage collection will still happen every week and on the same schedule.

All residents should have received a post card listing the recycling schedule for the rest of the year. A cart hanger with the schedule will also be delivered with every cart.

There are several benefits to having every other week roll-out cart recycling.

"The carts are easier for citizens to maneuver, have a lid which prevents littering and hold more than the small bins we now use. We also save money by only collecting recycling every other week which means fewer trucks on the road and less air pollution," said Matthews Town Manager Hazen Blodgett.

One new recycling cart per household is provided at no charge by Republic, the town's solid waste service provider. Town officials estimate an $80,000 a year savings with the new bi-weekly recycling schedule.

Republic will use automated trucks to collect both garbage and recycling. Mechanical arms will lift the carts and dump them into the trucks. To facilitate pick-up residents need to make sure the cart wheels face their homes, and keep the carts 3 feet apart from each other to allow the trucks room to maneuver.

In addition to what is already recycled, residents may now recycle plastics 1-5 and 7, cartons and aerosol cans.

Extra carts are available for $40 each. For information, call Matthews Public Works, 704-847-3640.