South Charlotte

No action on school's request

Matthews commissioners have left in limbo a request by Covenant Day School for a second entrance to the school's ball fields.

Last month Covenant Day asked commissioners to change conditions on property at 10822 and 10812 Monroe Road, the former Colchester Nursery site. The change would have allowed the school to build a driveway to Warner Park. That would have created an additional entrance to their ball fields. Currently, the only entrance is off N.C. 51.

The item was on the commissioner's agenda last week, but the school had requested a one-month deferral while waiting for revised plans to be approved by the county.

With Commissioner Nancy Moore absent, the board split 3-3 on the deferral vote. Since it was a tie, the deferral failed. That meant the motion had to be dealt with - but not necessarily voted on - as the school soon learned.

When Matthews Mayor Jim Taylor asked for a motion on the request, no one said a word. With no motion on the floor, the petition simply went away without a vote.

"Right now it's a dead issue," Taylor said. "Since there was no motion made, that petition is over. But with no vote taken, the school can come back tomorrow and re-submit the same petition if that's what they choose to do. Their hands are not tied in any fashion because of the non-vote."