South Charlotte

How to get students interested in reading

This feature is part of an occasional series aimed at helping students get ready for the upcoming school year. Tami Fuller is a second-grade teacher at Davidson Day School on Jetton Street.

Q: Why are reading skills so important?

Language is everywhere, like on street signs and billboards. Children and adults see language in the world around them, not just in the books they read. It is a life skill.

Q: How can teachers help students become better readers?

Teachers and adults must model and share their own joy for reading. When children and students see them enjoy reading, it creates a sense of curiosity and fascination.

Q: What are some techniques or tips that you find useful in helping students learn to read?

It's important to give children grade-level and age-appropriate reading. Teachers and adults should help children relate to what they read. They should find out what interests a child so that they enjoy what they read.

Q: How can parents get their kids interested in reading?

Parents should read with their children. They should also be good role models and allow their children to witness them reading. There are many times adults want their children to practice reading, but kids also love to be read to.

Q: How can parents help their kids enhance their reading skills?

Parents should ask their children questions about what they are reading, such as, "Why did that happen? What is the author trying to teach you? What was the most important part of the story and why?"

Q: Why is it important for kids to read out loud?

It helps children improve their fluency and their oral reading skills. When kids read out loud, they learn to use more expression in their reading. It also helps adults come up with strategies for figuring out new words.