South Charlotte

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Charlotte Catholic

Yard sale: Charlotte Catholic will have a yard sale Oct. 22, 8 a.m.-noon in the parking lot, 7702 Pineville-Matthews Road.

Clothes, furniture, toys and household goods will be accepted. Spaces also will be available for vendors. Details: 704-543-9118.

Cabarrus County

National video contest: Three Cabarrus County elementary schools, Royal Oaks, Wolf-Meadow, and Coltrane-Webb, won cash prizes in the Big Lots, Lots2Give, Video Contest.

Thirty five schools in the U.S. received the Big Lot awards totaling $100,000. All participating schools in the Lots2Give program submitted videos to Big Lots explaining their specific use and reason for seeking financial support.

Principals from the winning schools were interviewed on Fox News. Royal Oaks received more than $5,400 and Wolf -Meadow and Coltrane-Webb, each, received more than $2,400.

Marching band: This summer, Cox Mill High marching band members participated in a commercial shoot promoting the new Showtime series, Homeland," a political thriller.

Filming was in downtown Gastonia. The band, Spirit of Cox Mill, spent a day on the set with the crew.

Union County

Global education: Twenty one Visiting International Faculty (VIF) will teach at different grades in assigned Union County elementary schools.

VIF, a national exchange program, provides language immersion and global literacy programs. The teachers are from countries around the world. In June, Union County Public Schools joined the state's Global Schools Network, a coalition of schools and businesses. The goal is to prepare students for success in a global world through multi-strategic classroom approaches.

Technology camp: During their summer break, more than 200 Union County teachers attended a technology event. The purpose was to learn and update software skills for an interactive smart board, which is now used in many UCPS classrooms.

Teachers and students can touch and interact with the board. Through the computer running the board, teachers can show videos, create flashcards and use instructional websites.

Stallings Elementary: Greg Windeknecht, the official daily carpool greeter, provided a station offering support to kindergarten parents on the first day of school.


Officer appointment: Cadet Major Ryan A. Campbell, a senior, was appointed to Battalion Operations and Training Officer at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville, Ga.

His responsibilities include preparing training schedules and organizing and managing field events.


100 Percent: The July 2011 graduates of CPCC's Dental Assistant program, who sat for the Dental Assisting National Board, outscored their peers across the state and the nation on the exam's three component areas. As a result, 25 CPCC students earned the industry's Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) designation and DA II - the highest credentials recognized by the N.C. State Dental Board.