South Charlotte

Local quizmaster to take on 'Jeopardy' on Oct. 11

For the past four years Michael Stewart, 49, of Steele Creek, has led trivia nights as a quizmaster in Charlotte. He hosts two local trivia nights, at Sir Edmond Halley's pub and the Big View Diner.

Last month, he flew to Los Angeles - a first for him - to be a contestant on one of the nation's most popular quiz shows: "Jeopardy."

"You don't get to be Alex when you're playing the game," Stewart said. "The game is relentless."

He said that, in spite of all his studying, he "never felt ready" - and that the buzzer is as tricky as it seems. "There are secrets to (using the buzzer), which once you've played you know, but until you've played you don't know."

Stewart filmed the episode in early September. The episode will air Oct. 11; until then, he is not allowed to discuss results.

He had been trying to get on Jeopardy for the past four years. Many contestants participated on trivia teams at a young age. That's not the case with Stewart: "My family just valued information," he said. "We were always expected to know what was going on."

In 2009 when Stewart and his wife, Lindsay, formed Merely Players. As Merely Players, the two entertain at events as characters and run weekly trivia games. Contact them at