South Charlotte

South Charlotte woman has interesting history

Nicole Pilo is a woman of many talents.

"I admit I've had varied work experiences," Pilo said.

She's originally from Yardley, Pa., and came to North Carolina to attend Duke University for a degree in English.

She's spent time as a personal trainer, taken basic Emergency Medical Technician training in Durham, worked as an EMT paramedic and as a physical therapy technician.

"I seriously considered going to medical school. While studying for my master's in biology at UNC Charlotte, I was very interested in liver physiology, teaching labs, etc. Then I got married," Pilo said. "Plans changed."

Pilo and her husband, Mike, have three children: Ashley, 9, Jackson, 7, and Katelyn, 6. They all attend McKee Road Elementary, which Pilo calls a great school.

The family enjoys doing things together, having participated in tae kwon do classes together, for example. Pilo taught preschool at Carmel Baptist Church for four years before becoming a financial strategist at Consolidated Planning in SouthPark.

"I'm working on seminars for young adults and teenagers (and parents) to give guidance on money handling before the kids leave for college," Pilo said.

Pilo's lineage on both sides also is pretty interesting.

Pilo's maiden name is Kresge. Sebastian S. Kresge, founder of the department store by the same name that later became Kmart, is her great, great, great-uncle.

"My maternal great-grandfather, Henry Clifford 'Doc' Carlson, is a famous relative, too," said Pilo.

Carlson was a Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer as the head basketball coach of his alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh, from 1922-1953. He led the team to two national championships and a Final Four appearance in 1941.

Carlson also is in the Helms Athletic Foundation Hall of Fame and the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

Carlson also was a practicing physician. "There's a bust of him outside one of the buildings at the University of Pittsburgh, so he's a pretty fun ancestor," Pilo said.

A lover of books, Pilo is a member of the Women's National Book Association.

"I especially enjoy reading fiction that has a good ending," Pilo said.