South Charlotte

CMS school leaders move up

Charlotte Mecklenburg School officials have scrambled the top school leadership positions in three District 6 schools just a few months into the school year.

Mark Bosco, principal of Independence High School in Mint Hill, has been named executive director of the Northeast Zone of CMS.

Amy Dellinger, current principal at Mint Hill Middle School, will replace Bosco at the 2,000-student high school.

Steven Drye, principal at Elon Park Elementary near Ardrey Kell High School, will replace Dellinger. Drye's replacement has not yet been named.

A committee of several school staff, parent leaders, and CMS officials will compose a principal profile and then interview candidates. Dellinger and Bosco were reassigned by the superintendent.

District 6 school board member Tim Morgan says that's not unusual. Principals can be assigned in several ways.

"If we have an experienced person ready to take the position and they already have an understanding of the community dynamics, then we will go ahead and appoint that person. If there is no clear candidate for the job, then we will go through the community selection process," Morgan said.

He also said the timing of the moves isn't ideal, but he's pleased Bosco will remain in CMS.

"The move happened now because the position that Mark is filling was being filled on a temporary basis. With that person leaving in November, we had to go ahead and make the moves. For someone who has the talent that he does, we want to keep him in CMS as long as we can," Morgan said.

Bosco and Dellinger will begin their new positions on Nov 2. Drye expects his first day at Mint Hill Middle to be the following week.

Bosco, 41, began his educational career as a history teacher and has held administrative posts at middle and high schools before he came to Independence five years ago. At that time the school had about 2,800 students.

Last year he oversaw the shuffling of students when Rocky River High School opened and many students from East Mecklenburg, Butler, and Independence High Schools were reassigned.

As executive director of the Northeast Zone, he will work with secondary schools in that area to achieve district and individual goals.

"I'm excited about going to work with the principals in the Northeast Learning Zone. I think the principalship is one of the most crucial positions to assure there's a focus on achievement and student success and I really look forward to working with them to achieve their goals," Bosco said.

Though he's sad about leaving Independence, Bosco says his ultimate goal is to become a superintendent, and this promotion will take him closer.

Dellinger, 43, was promoted to principal at Mint Hill Middle in 2009 after serving as assistant principal there for there for several years. She's a former high school teacher and basketball coach and says she's excited about leading Independence.

"My background is in high school. I love the camaraderie of the faculty, the interaction with students, and the total school programs. It's a positive, upbeat environment. The staff is very involved with students and their extracurricular activities. There are a lot of solid academic programs in place that support student achievement and we will continue to build on that," Dellinger said.

Drye, 43, was an elementary school teacher, assistant principal, and principal of Steele Creek Elementary before opening Elon Park four years ago.

He says he's excited about the challenges of leading a middle school and is looking forward to working in the community where he and his family reside.