South Charlotte

Several 6-patient care homes proposed

Mint Hill may get a cluster of family care homes designed for older adults with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia.

At a recent developer's workshop, James Scruggs of Unlimited Possibilities Family Care told commissioners that his company has the large white house at 14009 Thompson Road under contract.

He plans to turn that home into a six-patient residential unit, but he also wants to build up to 14 additional homes on the 17-acre site, each serving six patients.

"We want to build additional homes on the site to create a village atmosphere, with small units, walking trails, gardens, a pool and parking pods for each building. My goal is to make it homey and personal, but to the neighbors it won't look any different," Scruggs said.

The area is zoned residential, so he can create a family care house in the existing structure, but building additional units will be more complicated. Mint Hill's ordinance does not allow more than one house on a single tax parcel.

If Scruggs were to get the zoning changed to allow a nursing home, that zoning would allow only one structure as well.

Mint Hill Deputy Town Manager Lee Bailey says that, while he thinks the concept is sound, it will take some work to get it to fit into Mint Hill's zoning ordinance.

"It's going to take some creativity, and possibly some ordinance amendments, to do it," Bailey said.

Still, commissioners seemed receptive to the idea and agreed they would like to tour his CityView facility, at 7245 City View Drive, to get an idea of how the homes would operate.

Scruggs says planning is under way and that he hopes to start submitting plans to the town soon.