South Charlotte

Charlotte Soccer Academy eyes Pineville site

The Pineville Town Council will hold a public meeting Nov. 15 to consider a request for a private soccer facility from Charlotte Sportsplex LLC, the company whose purpose is to develop Charlotte Soccer Academy's (CSA) proposed $5 million soccer complex.

"A Pineville location is one of three under consideration," said CSA Board of Directors president John Koslick in an email. "This location is further along in the due diligence process and we anticipate similar hearings at the other two locations in the near future. Each location involves a different municipal government resulting in different timelines."

The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. at the Hut Meeting Facility, 413 Johnston Drive.

CSA is an investor in Charlotte Sportsplex, along with other complex sponsors. According to the Pineville town website, the property in question is on Dorman Road, close to the South Carolina border.

Last month, CSA executive director, Brad Wylde said the club had selected three potential sites for its new complex, which will feature six fields, offices and a gym and physical therapy center.

CSA, one of the biggest soccer clubs in the state, currently uses soccer fields at parks and middle schools to field its more than 1,700 club soccer players and 2,500 recreational players each year.