South Charlotte

Town considers soccer complex

Carolina Sportsplex, LLC, the company that will develop Charlotte Soccer Academy's $5 million soccer complex, is requesting a "conditional-use permit" from the town of Pineville to build its facility off Dorman Road in Pineville.

CSA Executive Director Brad Wylde, Daniel Saltrick, from the design firm Harrell Saltrick & Hopper, and Matt Langston, from the landscape architecture firm Landworks Design Group, made a presentation to the Pineville Town Council during a public hearing Nov. 15. The council is expected to vote on the permit during its December meeting.

Carolina Sportsplex is requesting the 65-acre area be zoned as a "country club," the closest zoning classification in Pineville's zoning ordinance for the proposed six-field private soccer facility.

Plans for the facility include six soccer fields, five with artificial turf and one with natural grass, along with a building for CSA offices, a gym, a soccer retail store and a concession stand. Wylde said the facility will be CSA's home and will house its 13 full-time employees. CSA is one of the largest soccer clubs in the state with 1,700 competitive and 2,500 recreational players. The club currently uses - and will continue to use after the facility is built - fields at local parks and middle schools for practices and games.

"My mission is to provide all levels of play for children," said Wylde to the council.

The site was selected based on its proximity to CSA families, said Saltrick. The site is one of three that the club has been looking at for the new facility. As a part of building the facility, left and right turn lanes would be added at the entrance on Dorman Road. There will be about 650 parking spaces near the fields.

Two residents of the Cottages, a community for seniors next to the property, expressed concerns about increased traffic on the Dorman Road. Saltrick and Langston said the impact on traffic would be minimal and the facility would be used mostly after work hours on the weekdays and on weekends.

Langston also said the facility lighting wouldn't spill outside of the property and the fields are more than 800 feet from the Cottages.

"A lot of the efforts we have made on this project is to mitigate impacts," he told the council.

If the zoning is approved, Carolina Sportsplex will have until Jan. 4 to complete their "due diligence phase," said CSA Board of Directors president John Koslick. The facility is scheduled to open January 2013.