South Charlotte

When she arrived in Charlotte, she was home

Aimee (pronounced Ah mee) Dodson has a lovely name.

"My parents were going through a Woodstock phase when they had me. I'm glad they settled on a French name rather than, say, Moonbeam," Dodson said.

She was born in Vermont and moved to Telluride, Col., soon after. Two years later there was another move, to Pittsburgh.

"I lived in Pennsylvania until I was 12, then went to the D.C. area to live with my dad," Dodson said.

After graduating from high school, Dodson went to the University of Colorado to study acting and broadcast journalism. "All that moving around gave me a good basis for my adult life, as I'm very adaptable to situations now," Dodson said.

She met her husband, Trace, while in college. After Dodson graduated, the couple moved to Minneapolis where Trace had a job in the restaurant business.

Dodson got a job touring a five state area with an educational theatre company, performing for schools, community centers and other places. The couple had an opportunity to move south. Three years and one baby later, Charlotte became their new home.

Dodson's mother moved here in 2003, and her in-laws came in 2005. Dodson and her husband had three daughters by then, Sydney, Riley and Landon, and were thrilled for the grandparents' desire to pitch in. Dodson's father moved to Charlotte to be near family, too, as did her sister, Nicole.

Dodson's in-laws and her mother share the house next door, and her father lives in their same Sardis area neighborhood.

"Some might find all this closeness confining, but we look at it as a benefit," Dodson said. "

The kids have the love and support of parents and grandparents. Each one of us works and leads a very active life. We all contribute to the care of the girls."