South Charlotte

Local churches expanding

Christ Lutheran's multimillion-dollar expansion is one of several major church building projects recently in South Charlotte.

Others include Forest Hill's new shared facility with the Morrison YMCA, Elevation Church's 1,000-seat performing-arts center in Blakeney and Calvary Church's 51,000-square-foot Calvary Life Center.

Bryan Knupp, senior vice president with general contractor Edifice Inc., said the recession in 2008 put some church projects, including Christ Lutheran's, on hold.

"Churches were hesitant to ask their congregations to give," Knupp said. "I think Christ Lutheran probably would have started much earlier if the market had not dropped off as it did."

Knupp sees the recent increase in church building projects as a sign congregations are ready to contribute. It seems to be "evidence of the fact that the churches are still healthy and vibrant and growing," he said. "Even in this down economy, the congregations have responded."