South Charlotte

Resident offers land deal

Mint Hill's new Town Hall, currently under construction in the Mint Hill Village Shopping Center, sits on 1 3/4 acres with very little extra land.

Bob Evans would like to change that.

Evans, of Evans Construction, told Mint Hill commissioners he is willing to sell or trade some of his land, adjacent to the new Town Hall, to enable them to enlarge the parking area, add a village green or park, or possibly create a site for the town's Public Works Department.

"My object is not to put a monkey wrench in any plans, but to see if a portion of my land could be an enhancement to the town," Evans said.

He had a site plan previously approved for his entire 9.3-acre parcel that included upscale townhomes. But he says the economy has put those plans on hold. Evans' land connects the new Town Hall to some of the acreage the town already owns behind the old Town Hall.

Mint Hill Mayor Ted Biggers said that with the $6 million-plus investment the town is making in its new Town Hall, it's important to look at the land surrounding it.

In the coming weeks, Evans will meet with Biggers and town manager Brian Welch. If they come up with a proposal that is promising, Evans will start meeting with individual commissioners.