South Charlotte

Here's a challenge: 100 miles, 100 days

Pineville's Parks and Recreation Department has developed a way to make healthy living a reality for community members through its 100 Miler program.

Parks and Recreation Department Director Kristy Detwiler, 51, is the motivating force behind the idea of the 100 Miler, a program in which participants pledge to walk, run or bike 100 miles in 100 days.

"I have always wanted to organize a ... program to motivate residents and our surrounding community to lead a healthier lifestyle," said Detwiler.

"This is the time of year when people lose their motivation and New Year's resolutions have been forgotten or put to the side. This seemed like an easy program I could put together that wouldn't take too much time, since participants track their own miles," she said.

Tracking miles is easy with the help of Active Ally's Mile Tracking Fitness Log - available at - or by using websites or mobile applications for logging miles, such as or

Active Ally is Pineville's 100 Miler's mascot.

"Active Ally is in charge. She is there to answer any questions and to motivate participants through weekly emails," said Detwiler. "She will send out new routes to walk, run or bike if you should get bored with your usual routine."

It's important participants are honest about the miles they accumulate. "No cheating," said Detwiler. "If you don't know the exact mileage, a good rule of thumb is 20 minutes of walking equals one mile."

With the official kickoff 9 a.m. March 17, Pineville's 100 Miler program will start with a 5K at Lake Park in Pineville. Program participants will make a commitment to walk, run or pedal 100 miles in 100 days, starting at the kickoff party.

"Our sponsors will be set up at the kickoff event. Sponsors are Jason's Deli, Pineville Rehabilitation and CMC Pineville. We'll have snacks, giveaways and all the motivation you need to get started," said Detwiler.

The kickoff isn't the only time participants will be with their get-fit community. Plans are in the works for a hiking trip to Stone Mountain on April 28, and Active Ally will send out information on other events throughout the 100 days that participants can take part in. The 100 Miler ends June 25.

"The 100 Miler is for anyone," said Detwiler. "Participate to change your lifestyle and challenge yourself, a friend or your spouse."