South Charlotte

Ballantyne Corporate Park now houses art from Zimbabwe

Ballantyne Corporate Park recently added three new outdoor sculptures to its 535-acre campus.

The new pieces join four raven and three bull sculptures created by artist Peter Woytuk that already reside in the park.

The works of art are: “Contemplation,” by Onward Sango; “Dancer,” by Edmore Sango; and “Startled Buck,” by Sowet Muromdezi.

They are strategically placed around the park in areas that relate to the theme each represents.

The three pieces were part of a summer “ZimSculpt” exhibit at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, which included more than 100 handcrafted sculptures from Zimbabwe.

The pieces are known as Shona sculpture, which is named after the Shona tribe, the largest tribe to create this type of artwork. Each piece was carved entirely by hand out of a single piece of stone.

Bissell Cos. Chairman Smoky Bissell and David Conlan, senior adviser to Bissell Cos., handpicked the new sculptures.

Bissell said the art is designed to enrich the lives of those who work at and visit the park.

“We’re always thinking of tomorrow, and what we tried to do here in the corporate park is to put in enhancements that make your day better than it would have been had these pieces not been there,” Bissell said.

The fact that the art had been displayed at the botanical gardens made the purchase even more special. Bissell partners with the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to provide memberships for each of the roughly 600 employees in Bissell Cos.

“The art was procured locally, and because of our company’s relationship with Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, it has more of a connection to members of this company than anything we’ve ever had before,” Bissell said.