South Charlotte

His films feature strong female voices

Patrick Desmarattes has kept busy since I talked to him some years ago.

Desmarattes was born in New York to Haitian parents. He has relatives in Haiti and went there with his family when he was a child.

After encountering crime in the area where they lived, the family moved to Rock Hill, S.C., where they also had relatives.

“We loved the lifestyle and people here,” Desmarattes said.

After attending South Carolina State University, Desmarattes joined the U.S. Navy and went to data processing school. He was stationed in Pearl Harbor as part of a tech group.

Following the Navy, Desmarattes returned to the Charlotte area and took more computer programming classes at King’s College. He works with Honeywell as a software engineer.

“Now about my passion, making movies,” said Desmarattes, 39. “I’ve learned so much since my first film ‘Inara, The Jungle Girl’ was made.”

Desmarattes wrote, directed and produced the female-driven action adventure. He cast locally and said Christian Simpson from Down Home Films helped him immensely.

Desmarattes has busied himself learning all aspects of the movie business. He took classes out of California to learn about distribution and marketability.

“I’m a businessman,” he said, “and I want my films to be profitable as well as creative and fun for the viewer.”

His new company, Maiden Comics Studios, focuses on films with strong female leads portrayed in a positive light.

“There are many action adventure films with male leads and we saw a need for the female voice,” he said. “So far, all the feedback we’ve received has been very good.”

His newest film, “Athena, The Goddess of War,” stars Victoria Vesce, Miss Charlotte USA 2015, and a member of the Charlotte Hornets Honey Bees dance team.

Desmarattes co-wrote the film with Kevin Jordan and it took two years to make.

They filmed and cast locally. It can be seen through a new venture, launched Jan. 1.

“My company, Maiden Comics Studios, has decided to take on the distribution of this and all future endeavors,” he said. “We have decided to build a subscription-based streaming service for viewers, similar to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. People will be able to watch our movies and others on Maiden Network for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee.

“It’s been a lot of work getting this project rolling, and I’m grateful for my tech background and experience.”

Desmarattes lives near Lake Wylie and enjoys spending time with his 5-year-old son, Brody, and his girlfriend Cathy Bureau.

“They both keep me from becoming a total workaholic,” Desmarattes said.