South Charlotte

‘Blessed Assurance’ will grace stage of Waxhaw’s Storefront

The Storefront Theatre will present “Blessed Assurance” at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 24 and 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 25.

The play is based on a novella by Allan Gurganus and was adapted for the stage by Steve Willis.

“There are so many great things to tell you about ‘Blessed Assurance,’ I’m not sure where to begin. First of all, this is a solo performance and is as full a production as we are capable of doing in our space,” said Judy Simpson Cook, Storefront Theatre’s director.

“The story is about 59-year-old Jerry as he examines his youthful experience of selling funeral insurance – or assurance, as his customers called it – to a neighborhood of poor African-Americans in the South right after World War II.”

Simpson Cook said she learned last spring that James K. Flynn was doing this show in Charlotte. Flynn had been on the Storefront stage several times, and he agreed to bring the show to the theater.

If Flynn’s name sounds familiar, it may be because he was last at Storefront as part of Starving Artist Productions’ “The Birth” in December.

The production will take place at the Waxhaw Presbyterian Church, 8100 Old Waxhaw Monroe Road, Waxhaw. Tickets are $15 and available through

MLK Day celebration

There will be many activities to celebrate the memory of Martin Luther King Jr. during the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery march.

The Union County Community Arts Council is part of an event at noon Jan. 19 that is free and open to the public at Winchester Center, 1005 Winchester Avenue in Monroe. The celebration features a performance by musical artist Gabriel Bello.

The program is part of the partnership between the arts council and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Committee.

Bello is a musician, composer, producer, writer and choir director who has made his mark on the musical genres of soul, rock, country, jazz and Christian/gospel.