University City

Trivia game helps knitters find laughs

When the going gets tough, Remi Haygood and Sandy Harris grab their knitting needles.

But when Haygood went through a divorce and Harris became a widow, knitting wasn't enough.

So the two friends created a knitting trivia game.

"When we came up with Last Knitter Standing, we knew we had something special because we could not stop laughing, said Haygood, owner of Dilworth's Charlotte Yarn. "Each time we thought up a question or challenge, we just had the best time."

Now it seems others will be laughing with them.

The game has been on sale for about two months. At least 70 yarn shops across the country have bought multiple copies, and other orders are coming in from trade shows and word of mouth, Haygood said.

Two to six people can play together, so the game is also bringing people together for knitting trivia tournaments.

Charlotte Yarn is inviting knitters to the store June 26 when its staff will host a competition.

The Charlotte Area Knitting Guild held a contest at Cotswold Mall June 11 for its celebration of World Wide Knit in Public Day.

"We wanted to try to find a way to get people engaged and have some fun," said Davey Roberson, the guild's vice president.

The game tests players' knitting knowledge. Players spin a wheel and perform tasks assigned when the spinner's arm stops.

The spinner offers eight possible results: two timed knitting challenges, two knitting questions, one pass and one "lose a turn."

When a knitter answers a question correctly or completes a task, he or she can knit one row. A wrong answer can cause a player to take out a row of knitting.

The player with the most knitted rows remaining at the end of the game is the last knitter standing.