University City

Camp helps kids get fit, or fitter

The Mallard Creek Optimist Club is partnering with private companies Crossfit Vitality and Crossfit Davidson for a three-day camp that targets campers ages 7 to 14 and strives to educate and introduce them to fitness.

Crossfit Vitality is a program designed for all fitness levels to take their current workout or training to a higher level and focuses on overall fitness and core strength, which can benefit any age group.

"We are going to show the campers the right way to hydrate themselves, stretch and what they should and should not be putting in their bodies," said Crossfit Vitality owner Steve Pinkerton.

"Americans are not ever really educated about these things, and we are going to teach them the right way and show them that working out and being in shape is rewarding and if you do it correctly will actually be fun for them."

It is designed to get kids stronger and faster for sports but also to get them more physically fit in their everyday lives.

"From a health standpoint, our society is the most overweight society in the world, and our children are getting taught bad habits earlier and earlier in their lives," Pinkerton said.

We have to reverse this trend and one way to do that is through education. We will speak to them and show them how to get fit and then show them the proper ways to work out. It will be intense, but in a good way and at a pace anyone can handle."

Designed to benefit athletes competing in any sport or young adults looking to start or accent a physical fitness routine, Crossfit starts with education and leads to physical training and personalized routines.

"We are about helping people get started, give them a plan to work from," Pinkerton said. "So many times we see kids who are not working out because they don't have an action plan and don't know what they can and can't do. We try to help steer them in the right direction."

Mallard Creek Optimist Club president Stew Mallard thinks the partnership can be beneficial to all kids.

"We are attempting to attract all of our athletes (to this program) and feel strongly about the wellness of all children," Mallard said. "As a matter of fact, Optimist International just adopted childhood wellness as an additional campaign for all of our clubs."

Pinkerton agrees and thinks it is important to provide the building blocks that allow kids to make the right decisions.

"We inform them and give them the tools they will need to be successful down the road," Pinkerton said. "It is important to show people that we need to take action if we are going to reverse the trend in our society. This is a great way to do so."