University City

UNCC celebrates international flavor

Guests at the free International Festival at UNC Charlotte Sept. 24 wandered through tents of brightly colored displays, talked with participants representing their countries and cultures, tasted authentic cuisine from around the world and soaked up the atmosphere of music, dance and stories.

Children were able to explore the world from inside a 22-foot-high earth balloon, and they documented their travels from one exhibit to another throughout the day with the passport project.

Among performers were the Loch Norman Pipe Band, an African storyteller, a Celtic folk band and the Trabucos Latin Band.

In its 36th year, the festival is intended to deliver the sights, sounds and tastes of many cultures, including those represented by UNCC students, faculty and staff, but also to reflect the internationalization of the greater Charlotte community.

A visitor could stand in one place and smell Ethiopian chicken stew, Mexican quesadillas and Turkish spinach-and-cheese pie.

The Arts & Science Council co-sponsored the festival with UNCC's Office of International Programs.