University City

Countryside Montessori adds disc golf course to offerings

A recent discovery and some hard work have led to another addition at Countryside Montessori.

At the school's fall festival this past Saturday, the school unveiled the first five holes of a new disc golf course on the high school campus on Johnston Oehler Road. The holes are complete with tee boxes, par signs, maps and cages.

"When I took over we found them unused," said Chuck Nusinov, head of school at Countryside. "We have a beautiful wooded property and a staff member who is well versed in ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf."

The school plans to expand the course into the standard 18-hole length soon. The school is allowing students to help with the design, development and layout of the course.

Students will be encouraged to play during PE, at recess and after school.

Countryside already has an ultimate Frisbee club and will look to expand that. It may also begin a disc golf club once the course gets closer to completion.

"Frisbee golf is for everyone, young and old, families, beginners and experts, and it's easy to learn. A student who learns to play can take the sport anywhere with them," Nusinov said.

Disc golf uses special discs that come in various sizes and weights. Like golf, different discs are designed for use at particular distances. There are super-long-range drivers, mid- range discs and even putters for close range.

The object is to traverse the course in as few throws as possible. Each hole has a designated par score, usually ranging from par 3 to par 5. The holes have tee box areas; the hole is a metal basket with chain loops hanging in it to catch discs.

Through 2010, more than 3,000 disc golf courses had been established in about 40 countries around the world.

"It offers students a chance to play in an organized manner outside, and share it with their whole family," Nusinov said.