University City

3 charged with north Charlotte burglaries

Police say a tip from a neighbor helped officers arrest three people in connection with a home burglary in north Charlotte.

The trio later was charged with two other burglaries, and police say two of the suspects have been convicted of multiple felonies already.

A break in the case came around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to police, when a neighbor called 911 and reported several people had broken into a home in the 1100 block of Fox Glen Road, off Browne Road south of Interstate 485. The neighbor said the people had driven away, but that person was able to supply officers with a description of the vehicle.

A short time later, officers spotted a car fitting the description of the vehicle and pulled it over. The neighbor identified the three people in the car as those involved he saw at his neighbor’s house. Police say they also found items that had been taken from the house, including televisions. laptop computers, and what was described as “a significant amount” of jewelry.

Detectives later determined the three were involved in two other break-ins in the University City area, and they are checking to see if the suspects might have been involved in other burglaries.

Charged in the case were Isiah Xavier Barnes-Johnson, 21; Terrance Derrell Lee, 21; and Maurisha Rogina Edwards, 20. Each has been charged with three felony counts of breaking and entering, larceny and possession of stolen property.

Police say Barnes-Johnson is a two-time convicted felon, with burglary and larceny convictions from May and July 2009. He also has been arrested several other times. Lee, police say, is a three-time convicted felon, with burglary and larceny convictions in January and February 2008 and in October 2009. He also has been arrested on other charges.

“These arrests are the result of the community and police working together,” said Rob Tufano, a CMPD spokesman. “Had it not been for an engaged neighbor calling 911 to report this activity, these individuals would likely still be free.”