University City

Davis Lake resident makes commercials for 3M

Jennifer Burnham, owner of Charlotte-based Pure & Simple Organizing, won an online contest and flew to Los Angeles in May to produce six commercials for 3M Post-It Notes.

She partnered with 3M Post-it Notes as the “Professional Organizer Expert” for the company’s Necessorize campaign.

“It was an unbelievable experience and something I never imagined might come my way,” said Burnham, 29, who lives in the Davis Lake area in Charlotte.

Burnham grew up in a small home in Gastonia. Because of living in a small space, she credits her mother with teaching her that everything has a place. She said she was so organized she used to groups her crayons by color.

Burnham earned her undergraduate degree in marketing and accounting from UNC Charlotte in 2005 and began a corporate job in Charlotte, she said. She was laid off before the economy took a turn for the worse, and she decided to pursue an MBA degree at UNCC.

At the time, she had no idea people got paid to help other people organize. While working toward her MBA, with the guidance of a colleague, she decided to begin her own business. She graduated in 2010.

At the end of 2011, Burnham saw a contest on the Facebook page for Command Brand hooks, a product that allows users to place a reusable hook with no nails or damage to walls, and promises to hold strong and come off clean.

She hired a college student to help her produce a video to send to explain how she used Command hooks and what she liked about them. In March, she made it as a finalist.

Though Command chose someone else for their contest, the company passed her video on to 3M Post-it Notes. Within weeks, 3M Post-it Notes contacted Burnham to ask her to fly to Los Angeles to produce commercials to promote their labels for the Necessorize campaign.

Going to Los Angeles was an adventure. She got lost several times, she said, and the whole time she felt out of her element. But she would love to do it again, she said. The six commercials she produced are available online.

Pure & Simple Organizing services include shopping, organizing and more. She has several packages based on an hourly time frame.

She said she likes to inspire people to live life to the fullest, and she gives her clients permission to let go of things that accumulate in their houses.

Often, people can be overwhelmed with stuff, and their houses become unorganized, Burnham said. Her clients usually range from busy moms with children to single 30-something men, or seniors who have lived in a home for many years and are looking to downsize.

Julie Tache, broker and real estate agent with Homes With Cachet, said she has used Pure & Simple Organizing and thinks highly of Burnham. She plans to use her again soon to help with organizing her work office.

“She reorganized my drop zones, basically giving everything a place to go, which helps reduce the clutter of the entry,” Tache said. “Like many people, there is mail, magazines and other things that end up in piles, as well as phone chargers, purse, shoes and the like.

“And they all needed a proper home.”