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Dog Lovers Day in Concord to celebrate, serve canine companions

Concord’s Leatherman Lane Farm, known for hosting Horse Lovers Day events will host its inaugural Dog Lovers Day noon-5 p.m. July 12.

“While the main focus at Leatherman Lane is horses, the canine members of our family are involved in everyday life at the farm, and we wanted to do something that celebrates them, too,” said Leatherman Lane owner Amy Jones.

The farm has hosted four Horse Lovers Days, with the last one drawing well over 1,500 attendees, said Jones.

“We have also been asked for years if we would do a separate event for dog lovers. This was easy to say ‘yes’ to, since we obviously love dogs here, but not easy to schedule with all we have going on,” she said.

Leatherman Lane is home to 15 dogs and 13 horses. Four of the dogs belong to owners Mark and Amy Jones: bichon frise Diesel, Shih Tzu Martini, blue merle Australian shepherd Coco and cocker spaniel Ollie.

Four more belong to on-site horse trainers Brendan Wise and Melanie Ferrio: Louisiana leopard catahoula Jazz, Australian shepherd-border collie cross Roush, and Australian shepherds Sonja and Scamp.

Two of the farm’s dogs were pregnant recently, and seven puppies were added to the mix when both dogs went into labor within an hour of each other May 30.

“It was a heck of a night at Leatherman Lane, with two dogs in labor at once, horses to feed and turn out, chores to do and no one wanting to do anything but catch, count and love on puppies,” Amy Jones said.

She said everyone at the farm has “loved and owned dogs our whole lives,” except for a time a few years ago when she and Mark did not have any. When a friend’s dog had puppies, the Joneses took one just to keep overnight.

That puppy, Diesel, has been with them since.

“Of course, dogs are like potato chips, in that it’s very hard to have just one, and so we rescued little Martini,” she said. “The woman had to find (Martini) a new home before her big German shepherd police dogs ate her, so I met her in a parking lot and brought her home to be part of our family.”

The Joneses then adopted Coco and Ollie from their daughter’s friend when the friend’s family moved to Spain and could not take the dogs with them.

“Poor Ollie is mostly deaf, mostly blind, but the happiest little butt-wagging dog I’ve ever met,” Amy Jones said.

Next, the trainers of Brendan Wise Horsemanship moved to the farm with their dogs. Jones calls their dog Scamp “kind of a rock star around here” because of the role he plays in Wise’s videos on horsemanship.

Now there are seven more puppies, and Leatherman Lane’s canine total has reached 15. The dogs range from newborn to older adults.

Jones said there’s lots to love about dogs. “They are funny, kindhearted, great company, awesome protection and good for the soul,” she said.

Dog Lovers Day is family-friendly and free, though services and products can be purchased.

The event will offer many dog-related services and products, including puppies and dogs to adopt or purchase; rescue organizations; on-site, low-cost micro-chipping by Whiskers and Paws Veterinary Wellness Clinic; grooming by Carey’s Clips; custom dog beds; canine nutrition experts; local art; and produce from Burleson Farm.

Dog lovers are invited to bring friendly dogs on leashes. The hosts ask only that owners clean up after their pets.

The Joneses say they hope in the future to host Dog Lovers Day annually in the fall. Horse Lovers Day is the farm’s annual spring event.