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911 calls from Justin Carr’s shooting provide new details

Justin Carr
Justin Carr

Recorded 911 calls in the minutes after the killing of protester Justin Carr include callers describing two different men with guns during September’s riots.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police released audio from three 911calls Tuesday in response to a public records request from The Charlotte Observer.

Conflicting accounts have emerged from the chaos of Sept. 21, when CMPD officers clashed with demonstrators a day after the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

Within a short time of Carr’s shooting, rumors spread from the street to social media that he had been killed by police.

Some people who were in uptown have said Carr fell while riot police were firing rubber bullets and other munitions into the crowd.

CMPD has denied officers killed Carr, and two days after Carr was wounded, they arrested Rayquan Borum and charged him with first-degree murder.

Nearly all agree that Carr’s death intensified conflicts between protesters and police and remains a source of contention.

One caller told a dispatcher that he saw a black man with dreadlocks holding a pistol and fleeing the scene near the corner of Trade and College streets, where Carr was hurt.

Another caller, who described himself as a property manager in uptown, reported seeing a white man with a gun under his shirt. The caller said he saw the gun when the man had his shirt pulled up.

A third caller reported seeing a man bleeding but provided little other information.

At a court hearing in September, Assistant District Attorney Clayton Jones said that Borum admitted to shooting Carr.

Borum’s attorney, Terry Sherrill, disputes that. He has acknowledged that his client fired a shot that night but said Borum shot into the air and didn’t hit Carr.

Sherrill has also said there might have been multiple shots fired around the time Carr was wounded.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say investigators identified Borum through surveillance cameras.

An affidavit from a search warrant says video footage shows a suspect wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants appearing to fire one gunshot. The person then runs away, appearing to hold a handgun.

On Sept. 23, police arrested Borum at his home, where they said they seized a handgun, the spent shell, two rifles, a white T-shirt and other items, the affidavit said.

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