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Uptown drivers, pedestrians warned for ignoring crosswalk laws


In just an hour and 15 minutes, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police on Thursday issued 33 warning citations to drivers who failed to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk at Johnson & Wales University. A woman suffered traumatic brain injury after a vehicle hit her in the crosswalk in April.

About 50 other vehicles stopped just before the Trade Street crosswalk when officers walked out with other pedestrians to help them across the road. The vehicles stopped only when an officer stepped into the crosswalk and stopped the vehicles from proceeding, police said.

Police issued 22 other citations to the drivers for registration, inspection, insurance and child seat violations and for driving while their licenses were revoked.

Nearly 140 pedestrians were given warning citations for not crossing in a crosswalk and crossing against the signalized hand when it displayed the “Do Not Walk” warning at several Trade Street intersections near Johnson & Wales.

CMPD’s Major Crash Unit and Motorcycle Unit conducted the “Watch for Me NC” operation from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. on Trade Street between Cedar Street and Clarkson Street.

The effort focused on vehicles not yielding to pedestrians who were crossing in front of the university in the mid-block crosswalk.

On April 26, Rebecca Massey, a 40-year-old Johnson & Wales worker, was hit in the crosswalk. The traumatic brain injury put her out of work for over three months, police said. Massey still suffers from the injury but is back to work. She accompanied police during Thursday’s operation and thanked them for their presence.

At Trade Street and Clarkson Street, officers issued 68 warning citations to pedestrians who were not crossing in the crosswalk and crossing against the signalized hand when displaying the “Do Not Walk” signal.

At Trade Street at Cedar Street, police handed out 17 warning citations to pedestrians who crossed against the signalized hand signal when it flashed the “Do Not Walk” warning .

On Cedar Street between Trade Street and 5th Street, 53 pedestrians received warning citations for crossing mid-block on Cedar Street. The pedestrians needed to walk 30 more yards to the intersection and cross when the flashing sign said they could.

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