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American Airlines worker accused of brawling with police

TSA Pre-Check area at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
TSA Pre-Check area at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

An American Airlines worker is accused of fighting with officers at Charlotte’s airport after the airline kept him off a flight because he’d cursed and threatened a federal Transportation Security Administration agent.

A federal grand jury charged Jordan Lee Moore, 30, of Winston-Salem with two counts of interference with security screening personnel, according to a bill of indictment unsealed on Friday in U.S. District Court in Charlotte.

Jordan Lee Moore
Jordan Lee Moore Mecklenburg County jail

The ruckus began after Moore tried to go through security at about 5:30 p.m. on March 30 using the TSA PreCheck Line at Checkpoint B without a valid boarding pass with TSA PreCheck designations, the indictment said.

Moore moved close to the security officer’s face, hurled a racial slur and said he would kill him, according to the indictment. Moore then walked to Checkpoint C, where a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer ordered him to leave the airport.

Moore instead entered the TSA security lane at Checkpoint D, where an American Airlines security worker asked for identification. Moore wore what appeared to be a company ID badge, but the airline worker couldn’t see it and Moore refused to display it, the indictment said.

The worker then told Moore he could not fly on the airline that day or any other day until they resolved “this matter,” referring to Moore’s earlier threat to the TSA officer, according to the indictment.

Two CMPD officers approached, told Moore he could not travel that day and began to escort him from Checkpoint D when Moore saw the original TSA officer, cussed at him and ran down a flight of stairs to the arrivals/baggage claim level. He boarded a departing bus.

According to the indictment, Moore returned to the airport two hours later and approached Checkpoint D, where the lead TSA officer recognized him from his picture that had been distributed to officers at all checkpoints.

The officer told him to wait a moment and to show him his identification, which Moore did. Moore proceeded to the Checkpoint D baggage screening area without permission, the indictment said. As he put his baggage on the conveyor belt, a transportation security manager told him he was not allowed to fly that day, the indictment said.

“I am going in,” Moore replied. “Just watch me.”

The situation deteriorated. CMPD officers at Checkpoint D told Moore he could not pass, to which he replied: “You cannot stop me. I am an airline employee.”

CMPD officers told him to leave the airport, and they began removing the bin with his items from a screening table when Moore said, “Don’t touch my stuff, bitch.”

Officers tried to arrest him, but Moore began fighting with them. It took five CMPD officers to put him in restraints, according to the indictment.

Because of the second altercation, Checkpoint D was closed and passengers were redirected to other checkpoints.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police also charged Moore with disorderly conduct in a public building, second-degree trespass and resisting a public officer. He is free on bail.

“We have been actively cooperating with law enforcement, and the employee has been suspended pending the investigation,” American Airlines spokeswoman Katie Cody said.

Efforts by the Observer to reach Moore were unsuccessful. A woman who said she is his mother said she was “in total shock” to learn of the indictments. “I don’t believe that at all,” she said. “He wouldn’t fight anybody. He would never put his hands on anybody.”

Her son, who works in sales for the airline, was trying to fly to Indianapolis, where his father lives and had “severe medical issues,” she said.

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