Kannapolis police open ‘eCommerce safe zones’

The Kannapolis Police Department has made a well-lit place available in its parking lot for people making transactions with others they’ve met on popular Internet sites such as Craigslist, eBay and Backpage.

Two parking spaces have signs declaring them “eCommerce Safe Zone” areas. The spaces also have video surveillance.

A good rule, the department said, is if you’re meeting a stranger, do so in a public place.

“eCommerce, or the purchasing/trading of items and products from the Internet, has increased dramatically over the past several years,” the department said in a news release announcing the safe zones. “Unfortunately, some of these transactions throughout the country have turned into scams, robberies, or even worse.”

Kannapolis resident Vicki Graham came up with the idea and contacted the department through social media, the department said.

eCommerce transactions also can take place in the department lobby at 314 S. Main St., which also is under constant surveillance, the department said.

The eCommerce parking spots are beside the handicapped accessible spots at the rear of the building.

The department will move into a new police headquarters at 401 Laureate Way in early 2016, and that location also will have eCommerce parking spaces, the department said.

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