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Man stole $8,000 worth of cleaning supplies from CMS schools, CMS says

Pressure washers, floor wax and $500 worth of garbage bags. That's what a Charlotte man has been accused of stealing from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

Timothy R. Hughes was arrested Wednesday and charged with 11 counts of breaking and entering and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon, according Mecklenburg County jail records.

Over a two-month period, Hughes allegedly took items from eight CMS schools, amassing more than $8,000 worth of custodial equipment and supplies, according to a CMS news release.

That includes about $500 worth of trash bags, according to an incident report filed with police.

The first incident occurred April 1, over spring break, school officials said.

Another happened May 29, when Hughes allegedly cut off the padlocks of two storage units at Beverly Woods Elementary School, according to an incident report.

Hughes was arrested after officials saw a video of a man driving a white cargo van at two of the schools that reported burglaries. School police officers partnered with Crimestoppers to identify him, the CMS release states.

Hughes pleaded guilty to larceny after breaking and entering in 2010, according to North Carolina criminal records.