NPR promises two more seasons of true-crime drama Serial

By Tony Lone Fight

Are you a Serial fan? Do you have theories about Adnan Syed’s guilt or innocence? Can't wait for more? Looks like you're in luck. According a NPR newsletter there is going to be two more seasons of the true-life crime podcast.

If you don't know, Serial is a podcast that takes one true crime story and tells it over 12 episodes. You get deep into one single story, talking to all sides of the crime, in this case a murder. The courts have already decided the case, but the podcast brings up many points that seem to be inconsistent with the court findings.

And now, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals has signaled it might take another look at the case.

"With this order, the appeals court has certainly cracked open a door. And any time a court opens a door to new testimony – new fact-finding – that’s a big deal for the appellee," the newsletter says.

NPR is not taking saying this judicial turn is a result of the podcast, but the timing is certainly fortunate for the series.

Check out the podcast to see what you've been missing.