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Killer in 2014 Rock Hill slaying faces 15 to 50 years today

Donquavious Davis
Donquavious Davis

The Rock Hill killer who shot a romantic rival in a dispute over a woman in June 2014 will be sentenced today.

Donquavious Davis, 20, faces 15 to 50 years in prison under a deal struck between prosecutors and his lawyers from the York County Public Defender’s Office.

Davis pleaded guilty two weeks ago in the shooting death of Santario McCoy, 24, at a Baker Street Extension house. Davis was upset that McCoy was at the home with a woman that Davis had a child with. He admitted to shooting McCoy as McCoy answered the door when he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, burglary and weapons charges.

Davis was arrested after a two-day manhunt but for a year denied involvement and claimed he had an alibi in the case despite several eyewitnesses who put him at the door shooting McCoy.

Prosecutors said in a bond hearing when Davis was trying to get out of jail that Davis tried to intimidate witnesses in the case through jail phone calls and letters, even urging his former girlfriend whom he called “Baby Mama” to help his case. In that hearing a judge said Davis was a threat to the community and Davis has remained in jail from arrest until today’s hearing.

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