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Mecklenburg County crime: Make a neighborhood map

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1 Zoom to your neighborhood, with map tools, or this search.

Example Address: 600 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC

Intersection: Tryon St & 3rd St, Charlotte, NC



If you need to change a neighborhood shape, click once on this button, then use your mouse to move parts of a neighborhood outline. Results will update.

Click once on this button to turn your mouse into a drawing tool. Then click the map to make a polygon outlining a neighborhood.Double-click to finish. To start over anytime, click this button again.

NotesThis map shows information on selected crimes from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department for areas within its jurisdicton. The data is refreshed weekly on Mondays. The data may be incomplete, and locations are approximate. For a similar map that shows weekly crime data citywide, visit a CMPD online crime map and other information, visit

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