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Vehicle break-in problems continue in Lincoln

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said it is continuing to deal with a rash of vehicle break-ins near the Boger City and Iron Station areas.

Earlier this month, the sheriff’s office said a number of break-ins had been reported in the same general area. This time, once again, the victimized vehicles were unlocked, deputies said.

Several vehicles parked at homes on Lariat Drive and Asbury Church Road were broken into Monday night, investigators said.

At one home on Lariat Drive, a number of items – laptop computer, backpack and cash – were taken. At a home on Asbury Church Road, a billfold, driver’s license and cash were taken. Deputies said several other vehicles were entered, but nothing was reported stolen.

The break-ins were discovered when people left for work and school Tuesday morning.

The break-ins were reported only a few days after similar crimes in the Iron Station area, on N.C. 27 East, Devine Road and Forum Lane.

Deputies said residents should remember to lock their vehicles and not leave valuable items in plain view.

If residents see suspicious activity, they should call the sheriff’s office at 704-732-9050, Lincoln County Communications Center at 704-735-8202, or Crime Stoppers at 704-736-8909.