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Caldwell teacher assistant sentenced in meth case

Caldwell County teacher assistant Marc Delane Hodges was met by police on a jet when he returned to Charlotte from a vacation in Cozumel, Mexico, last April.

Hodges was arrested in his first-class seat aboard the plane. He was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession of meth precursors and maintaining a dwelling to keep and store a controlled substance.

Hodges pleaded guilty to all the charges on Monday in a Caldwell County court and was sentenced to between 58 and 82 months in prison, Caldwell County Sheriff Alan Jones said.

“I am pleased with the results and hard work that was put into making this case,” Jones said.

Hodges apparently was vacationing in Mexico when the case against him developed. Investigators said a resident of his apartment complex was looking for aluminum cans in trash bins when he discovered suspicious items.

Detectives said the items were related to meth production. They executed a search warrant for Hodges’ apartment and reported finding precursor materials and components needed to produce methamphetamine.