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UNCC police use pepper spray to disperse unruly crowd

Off-duty UNCC police used pepper spray to disperse what university officials described as an unruly crowd of outsiders who’d gathered Thursday night outside the Student Activity Center, where a dance had attracted 1,100 people.

Several hundred dance-goers were outside waiting to be allowed in when a fight broke out in a group unaffiliated with the university, according to UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety.

The group outside became unruly, and a decision was made to shut down the dance before midnight, police said in a statement Friday. The Gym Jam dance began at 10 p.m.

“While officers were trying to intervene and disperse the crowd, some visitors physically interacted with officers and were not responsive to the disperse order,” according to the police statement. “The officers responded with pepper-spray.”

The group fighting then dispersed, and the doors were closed and the dance was shut down, police said. No one required medical treatment, because everyone disbursed, police said.

A nonstudent was arrested and charged with affray, and another nonstudent was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Police reported no problems inside the dance.

Gym Jams usually draw 500 to 1,000 students, police said. Thursday’s was the first at the Student Activity Center. The last dance was at the Student Union and drew 200 to 300 students.

Nonstudents were allowed to attend Thursday’s dance with ID and $5 cover.

UNCC administrators will review the incident and determine how to restructure the Gym Jam events to avoid such disturbances in the future, the statement said.