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NC considers moving SBI from attorney general

There is another move afoot to transfer the State Bureau of Investigation from the N.C. Department of Justice to the state Department of Public Safety, where several other state law enforcement agencies reside.

Proponents of the idea say it would be more efficient and save money.

But it’s also a highly controversial idea, and was batted down last year for a couple of reasons.

First, keeping the SBI separate from an agency that is under the governor’s control helps ensure independent criminal and public corruption investigations.

In fact, there are SBI investigations underway now that involve the administration, the state Department of Public Safety and state legislators, Attorney General Roy Cooper said.

Second, there are political ramifications. Republicans run the administration, which includes the public safety department. The SBI for more than 75 years has been under the attorney general, who in this case is a likely Democratic candidate for governor in 2016. (Raleigh) News & Observer