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2 charged in Hickory vehicle break-ins

Two North Wilkesboro residents were arrested Tuesday and charged in connection with a series of vehicle break-ins early Sunday in Hickory, police say.

One victim’s security tracking system helped lead authorities to the suspects, investigators said.

David Brown and Jessica Roten were arrested by Wilkes County sheriff’s deputies and charged with multiple counts of breaking and entering into motor vehicles and larceny, according to Hickory police.

The break-ins were reported in the early-morning hours Sunday at several hotels and other locations, police said. One of the victims was able to use an online service to track property that was stolen from a vehicle.

Police said the property was tracked to an address on Yellow Banks Road in Wilkes County. Investigators in Hickory contacted the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office, and deputies went to the site.

One deputy said that as he walked around the house, someone opened the back door and tossed the tracked item out of the house. The deputy retrieved the item, investigators said, and confirmed that it came from the vehicle in Hickory.

Hickory police said they got a search warrant and found a number of other stolen items in the house. Evidence led police to another Wilkes County address, where investigators said additional stolen items were found.

Hickory police said they also found items linked to other crimes in the foothills and mountains.