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Gaston police: 2 officers prevented I-85 suicide

Gaston County police said two of its officers prevented a man from trying to commit suicide earlier this week from an Interstate 85 overpass during the height of rush hour.

The incident took place about 5:30 p.m. Monday, police said.

They said someone called 911 and reported a man was standing near the bridge railing on the Edgewood Road overpass on I-85.

Investigators said the first officer to arrive, J.M. Elliott, determined that the man “posed a serious threat to jump” onto I-85. He called crisis negotiators and other help to the scene.

Elliott and a second officer, A.J. Rogers, began talking to the man and reported that he said he planned to jump from the bridge onto oncoming traffic. Moments later, police said, the man faced the side of the bridge and put one foot on the railing.

Elliott and Rogers lunged at the man and grabbed him before he could jump. The man was taken to Caromont Regional Medical Center in Gastonia for evaluation, police said.