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Iredell domestic dispute leads to drug arrest

Iredell County Sheriff’s deputies said they went to a Troutman man’s house to deal with a reported domestic dispute and discovered a marijuana growing operation.

John Joseph Lovell, 54, was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, felony possession of marijuana, maintaining a dwelling for controlled substance, and drug paraphernalia possession, authorities said. He was jailed under $10,000 bond.

Investigators said it began last Friday night, when deputies were called to a residence in the 100 block of Windbrook Drive, to deal with a dispute. Deputies remained at the scene while a woman retrieved some personal belongings.

Deputies said that while inside the residence, they smelled marijuana. When questioned, investigators said, Lovell admitted to having a baggie of marijuana in the bathroom. Deputies said they got permission to search the house and found drug paraphernalia.

Investigators said deputies then spotted several empty planting pots and potting soil next to the garage door. After some hesitation, deputies said, Lovell admitted to having some marijuana plants in the garage.

Authorities said deputies went into the garage and found a small room that had pots, fertilizer, potting soil, heat lamps, timers and an exhaust system. They also reported finding three medium-sized marijuana plants and marijuana seeds.