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Dozens of marijuana plants found in Vale

Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies looking for a suspect wanted on a littering warrant found dozens of marijuana plants behind a mobile home on Coconut Way in the western end of the county on Tuesday.

While in the area, deputies received a tip that marijuana was being grown behind an outbuilding in a backyard. Deputies checked behind the building and found two marijuana plants about 4 feet tall behind a large black culvert pipe that blocked the view from the road.

Officers said they also found another large group of marijuana plants in an overgrown area. Narcotics investigators seized a total of 57 marijuana plants weighing 14 pounds. If the plants had reached full maturity, they would have had a street value of $50,000, investigators said.

Eugene Dwayne Endicott, 53, of Vale was charged with one count each of trafficking marijuana and manufacturing marijuana. Endicott has an outstanding warrant from Gaston County for littering. He hasn’t been arrested on the charges.