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Some of what the Parsons indictment says

The case against Casey and Sandy Parsons, outlined in a 76-charge criminal indictment unsealed Wednesday morning in federal court, provides no insight into what happened to Erica Parsons, the 13-year-old Rowan County girl who has been missing since November 2011.

But the indictment provides a look into what federal prosecutors allege was a series of fraudulent actions by Erica’s adoptive parents between the time she was last seen by family members and late last July, when her stepbrother told authorities he hadn’t seen Erica in nearly two years.

Some of what is contained in the indictment, according to the federal government:

• Erica Parsons was born Feb. 24, 1998, in Rowan County.

• She went to live with her uncle, Sandy Parsons, and his wife, Casey, in late March of that year, at the age of about 5 weeks.

• Erica’s biological parents, Carolyn Parsons and Billy Dean Goodman, relinquished parental rights to Erica on or about March 4, 1999. So did Carolyn Parsons’ husband, Steven Parsons II.

• Cabarrus County Department of Social Services approved the adoption of Erica by Casey and Sandy Parsons on Feb. 15, 2000. The couple had three other biological children.

• On or about June 29, 2004, Rowan County DSS (the couple had moved there in 1999) received a report about allegations of physical and emotional abuse of Erica by her adoptive parents.

• In late July 2004, Casey Parsons left a voice mail message with Cabarrus County DSS, saying Erica was living with her sister.

• On Nov. 23, 2004, Rowan County DSS informed Casey and Sandy Parsons that the abuse case was closed.

• On March 31, 2005, Erica, moved back with her adoptive parents.

• On or about Jan. 2, 2008, Casey and Sandy Parsons moved Erica out of public school and began home schooling her.

• On or about Jan. 5, 2011, Casey Parsons and Erica met Carolyn Parsons at a restaurant in Mooresville. This meeting between Erica and her biological mother had been arranged by Casey Parsons and Carolyn Parsons on Facebook.

• In April 2011, the Parsons family moved to a home on Miller Chapel Road near Salisbury.

• On July 30, 2013, one of Erica’s adoptive brothers, identified in the indictment as J.W.P., told the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office that Erica was missing. He said he last saw the girl before he went to bed on “an unknown date in or about November or December 2011.”

• Prosecutors allege Casey and Sandy Parsons claimed Erica as a dependent on Sandy Parsons’ 2012 income tax return.

• They allege the adoptive parents reported Erica was living with them in applications filed in August 2012 and June 2013 with the Social Security Administration. Those claims were for Supplemental Security Income benefits.

• They allege the adoptive parents claimed Erica was living with them in applications made after November 2011 for Medicaid and food stamps.

• They allege the adoptive parents received monthly checks of $634 – for a total of $12,680 – from the Cabarrus County Department of Social Services, between January 2012 and August 2013, for adoption assistance.

• They allege Casey Parsons owed $23,141.99 in student loans and failed to file a federal tax return for 2010. Prosecutors allege she did not file a return so she could avoid collection action against her.