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Police probe whether woman’s death was homicide or suicide

Sarah Long was found dead last month, lying in her bed in her Davidson home with a single gunshot wound just above her left ear, a search warrant says.

But investigators have been unable to determine whether her death was a suicide or a homicide. The warrant indicates police have suspicions about Long’s boyfriend, who said Long’s will left him all of her assets – nearly $1 million.

Davidson police have not charged anyone with a crime in Long’s death, which remains under investigation. It’s been classified as a suspicious death. Long was a buyer for Lowe’s home improvement store, according to WCNC-TV.

On July 23, police were called to Long’s townhouse in Davidson by William Becker, who said he’d been unable to reach Long. Investigators later found Long in her bed, clutching a .357 Taurus revolver in her left hand.

Becker and Long’s husband, Christopher Reeves, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

A day after the body was found, Becker called a detective investigating the case and set up a meeting, according to the warrant. Becker told the detective about his relationship with Long. They’d met in December and began dating in April. Both were married, and the relationship was a secret, Becker told investigators, according to the warrant.

Becker told investigators that Long’s marriage was abusive and that her husband had assaulted her several times, the search warrant says. She wanted a divorce. Becker said he also was getting a divorce. She was also depressed about a cervical cancer diagnosis, documents say.

Becker told detectives that Long had given him documents “and told him to give them to her financial adviser, William Morgan, if something happened to her.” The first document was her will, which listed Becker as Long’s primary beneficiary of 100 percent of her assets. Two other financial documents left Becker $939,504.67.

But the search warrant indicates police had concerns about Becker’s credibility. One detective questioned him about whether the will and financial documents were in a sealed envelope. The search warrant also includes information about his demeanor.

“Mr. Becker began crying as he said that he should have taken her to the hospital. I noticed that there were no tears as Mr. Becker cried,” the search warrant says.