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Hairdresser finishes cut, then is arrested

A hairdresser was allowed to finish a customer's hair cut before she was taken to jail on drug charges, according to a police report.

Investigators had gotten a tip about drug activity involving Kristina Melissa Keating, 25, of Kannapolis. Keating was working as a stylist at a salon on Fulton St.

According to the report, officers went to see Keating while she was working on Tuesday. They noticed that she was cutting a customer's hair, then waited until she was finished.

Keating was searched, and then a police drug detection dog searched Keating's car.

Police say they seized methapmhetamine, oxycodone, and suboxone, as well as 4.4 grams of marijuana and rolling papers in Keating's car. A glass smoking pipe was found in passenger side door.

Keating faces several charges for drug possession and was jailed under $3000 bond.