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Police: woman who reported uptown rape recants story

A woman who told police she was raped in uptown Charlotte on Saturday morning has recanted her story, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Thursday.

The 47-year-old woman initially told police that a man forced her to “have sexual intercourse against her will” in an alley near the 300 block of South College Street. She refused any type of medical treatment, according to the police report, and had been drinking alcohol.

Investigators have been in contact with the woman since the assault was reported on Saturday and conducted a follow-up interview on Thursday and the woman told them there was no assault of any kind, said CMPD Capt. Cecil Brisbon.

Neither the woman nor her boyfriend, who called police, will face criminal charges.

“We don’t want this to make anybody who has been a victim of a sexual assault shy away from reporting any of these incidents ...which is one of the reassons that we’re not prosecuting,” Brisbon said.

Brisbon said cameras positioned across uptown helped them verify that “no sexual event occurred.”